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+ What Should We Bring to Our Drive-Thru Wedding With The Metro?

Bring whoever you are getting hitched to AND your marriage license! :) You MUST obtain your marriage license 3 days in advance of your wedding with The Metro. When you arrive to your wedding at The Metro, make sure to give your marriage license to our officiant. This applies to both the Drive-Thru Wedding Basic Package and Wedding Deliveries.

+ How Many People/Cars Can Attend Our Drive-Thru Wedding?


Up to 4 total people (couple included) can attend your drive-thru wedding. A maximum of 1 total car, suv, or limo is allowed (no buses).


Up to 8 total people (couple included) can attend your drive-thru wedding. A maximum of 3 total vehicles described above are allowed.

+ How Far In Advance Should We Request An Appointment?

The sooner the better as we have couples booking up to 6 months out. While we plan to be booked 10 years out one day, for now we suggest no later than 4 days in advance.  :)

+ When Do We Receive Our

Drive-Thru Wedding Commemorative Key Chain?

You receive your commemorative key chain before you leave (after your ceremony)! We take a phone photo of you and your honey at The Metro, print it out on our mini printer, fit it in your key chain, and voilà!

+ How Does Timing Work for

Drive-Thru Weddings and Wedding Deliveries?

Well, every 60 seconds = 1 minute, every 60 minutes = 1 hour. Wait a sec.....

Likely timing is listed under each Package and applicable Add-On.

  • Your ceremony takes between 15-30 minutes.

  • Photography OR videography adds-on up to another 45 minutes.

  • If you want more time with The Metro or your Add-Ons vendors, additional rates apply. Additional hours with The Metro (availability permitting) are at $150/hour.

Please contact us for more info.

+ Can I Bring My Own Vendors or Alcohol?

We are only able to use our contracted vendors for Drive-Thru Weddings. We have hand-select talented and trustworthy professional vendors who we work with often. They will take fabulous care of you! No alcohol is permitted on the premises. These requirements do not apply to weddings & events at your location.

+ Can I Drive The Metro?

As fun as taking our truck out for a whirl is, our team is currently the only collective of sentient beings licensed to drive and operate The Metro. 

+ What Is The Travel Fee for The Metro to Come to My Location?

Until teleportation becomes available, travel fees apply for The Metro for locations above 100 miles round-trip of our location. Other travel fees may apply for Add-On Vendors. Pricing and availability depend on distance. Please contact us for more details.

+ For Add-Ons: Should We Expect

Exactly What is Shown In Each Photo?

While we strive to provide accurate representations of our Add-Ons, many photos (such as classic car, etc.) are meant to give our clients an idea of the types of services offered, and depend on vendor and materials availability.

+ Can I Modify The Metro Truck When Renting

(signage, decals, wraps, etc.)

As we do our best to keep The Metro pristine for every couple, modifications are not possible. Thank you for understanding! Please ask us at time of booking what TEMPORARY decorations are permitted. The Metro truck rental is intended to be used as a unique celebration accessory.

+ Is a Sound System Included for Musicians?

Most of our contracted musicians play acoustic instruments. However, some may require a sound system rental for an extra rate. We will let you know for sure when you book with us.

+ Does The Metro Need Access to Power

(if coming to my home or location)

Yes, The Metro needs access to a working outlet for the duration of time on-site if anyone will be inside of it. We will bring up to a 100ft extension cord. Please provide additional cords for further distances.

The Metro Drive Thru Weddings DFW Dallas


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